New Puppy Parents Guide with MyLuka Dog Training

Puppies come in all shapes and sizes but playing games is the way to train!

 Your brand new puppy is now home and you are so excited.  You are now faced with cuddles and puddles, sleep and chewing feet! 

Having the confidence and knowledge to provide your puppy with essential skills early in life is important to you and you want to make sure that you are doing everything right.

With my expertise and support you will be on your path to success, I will provide you with the guidance you need to enjoy a special bond with your new family member.  This will be through game based training.

Let me guide you on the path to success so that you can help your puppy grow in confidence, optimism, self control, flexibility, calmness and learn how to cope with frustration and anxiety that comes with daily life.

Learning through play to get real life results, we work for the situation and not in the situation so that you and your puppy are able to deal with any struggles that may happen at any time.

THREE minutes is all you need, no more or your puppy will get bored, tired or over excited and that is not what we want!  Boil the kettle time, advert time, toilet break time and have a game.  

If it's fun it's likely to be done!

Building the Foundations
Puppies are wonderful creatures and having them in our lives is an adventure. Let's build the foundations for a fantastic future together.
Five Steps To Getting Started
Five essential steps for puppy training
Toilet Training
From cuddles to puddles, let’s talk toileting!
Crate Training
Showing your puppy that their crate or bed is a great place to be.
A tired puppy is a monster in disguise so what do we do?
Crazy Tired Puppies
Tired puppies are a nightmare to live with, they make bad choices such as nipping, chewing and crazy zoomies because their brains struggle to cope with decisions they have to make every second.
What is the most appropriate behaviour for your puppy and how do we achieve this?
Training Session Week 1
Let’s shape your puppy’s brain to get those real life results that we want using three minute game based training techniques that are fun, rewarding and force free.
Training Session Week 2
Focus, self control and disengagement from the environment in these puppy training sessions.
Training Session Week 3
This week is confidence. We build confidence so that our puppies are able to cope in new situations and any environment they find themselves in.
Training Session Week 4
Boundary Games and building the love for the bed.
Training session Week 5
Giant breed puppies are quite a handful but it's not their fault!
Relax Time
Training your dog or puppy using games really tires them out and sleep is such an important part of their wellbeing. This video shows you pups after their training sessions

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Realising that time stands still for no one I am committed to helping dog owners create an enviable relationship with their dogs.


I created my dream job after an illness that changed my life direction and took me onto a different path.  I believe this was meant to be and it is now time for me to step up and show dog owners how they can help themselves to help their dogs.